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Rules and Information


    Rules of discipline for students -


    1. Students have to maintain high standard of good manners and general behavior.


    2. They should be polite and have respect for elders, teachers and all the  staff of the school.


    3. They should be honest and truthful at all time and places. It is strictly for bidden to throw any object at anyone.


    4. Each and every student will maintain a friendly relation with his classmate and with other student of the school.


    5. Student are exhorted to come to the school with clean in person and mind, neatly, dressed, well-behaved and cooperate in maintaining the cleanliness of the school classroom and campus.


    6. Students will be given responsibilities as and when required by the teach ers, principal or the school authorities they are advised to complete the responsibilities  honestly.


    7. The language of conversation in the school premises will be English, None  will be allowed to speak in Hindi except in Hindi class.


    8. School administration will have no responsibilities on any thing lost by students they are advised not to bring valuable things with them.


    9. Students will not be allowed to leave the school premises on any account during the school hours. Parents/ Guardians are requested not to come with such request.


    10. Every student is exhorted to take part and co-operate in the various school activities such as cultural programmes, sport and games etc. No exemption shall be given to the students from the school programmes and functions.


    11. No leave will be sanctioned during the examination except on medical ground.


    12. Please don't send your ward very early to the school and don't leave them till late after the the school gives over. Please pick and drop them on time.




    Recommendation to the Parents :


    1. Parents are requested to have co-operate  with the school by ensuring the punctuality, regularity and discipline.


    2. Children must be trained in self-help by encouraging them to work and  study. They should be taught to keep their rooms neat and tidy, polish their shoes, carry their bags etc. The development of such habits in early life will inculcate in them the dignity of work, a fundamental necessity for a successful career.


    3. Parents/Guardians are not allowed to go in the classrooms during the school

    hours, In case of any necessity they may contact the office.


    4. Parents/Guardians are not allowed to interview the teacher in the classroom

    or in the staff room without the permission of the principal/ administrator. Those who wish to seek any information or any suggestion may do it during the parents-teachers meeting or may contact to the principal administrator.


    5. Parents should discuss with the teachers regarding the study of their children and to have a clear knowledge of their progress.


    6. Parents/Guardians are welcome to give their suggestions and opinions.


    7. Criticizing the teachers in the presence of the children in no way should be done. In case of any legitimate complaints the Principal Administrator must be contacted.